Taking the Gloves Off -- RKJ on Peggy Post from The Emily Post Institute (eBella Magazine feature, May 2014)



Marketing & Public Relations

Whether its words or images, marketing or PR, print or online, Jones’s MindZoo understands that all business communication is meant to sell something: a product, a service, or an emotion.

Professional Courtesy Project

Shining a positive light on the benefits of professional courtesy relating to business relationships, written and verbal communication, profitability, ethics, loyalty, and business operations.

Business Class by Randall Kenneth Jones

RKJ’s Business Column

An exploration of business principles based on courtesy-themed topics and interviews with high-level executives, business leaders, and business-savvy celebrities from a variety of industries nationwide.

Attack Bunnies by Randall Kenneth Jones

RKJ Humor

Jones’s honest and whimsical depiction of the workplace — at home and at the office.

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Conferences & Seminars

Jones’s upbeat, humorous presentations address universal workplace issues such as professional courtesy,  creative thinking, and having a healthy sense of humor.

Dog & Style by Tony Wakefield-Jones

It’s a Dog’s Life

One can only be referred to as a know it all if, in fact, one knows it all. Lucky for you, RKJ’s dog is a brainiac.

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