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Pat Benatar ★ Brian Boitano ★ Erin Brockovich ★ James Carville ★ Barbara Corcoran ★ Kassie DePaiva ★ Carl Edwards ★ Janet Evanovich ★ Michael Feuer ★ Mitchell Gold ★ Vicki Gunvalson ★ Darrell Hammond ★ Jack Hanna ★ Jeffrey Hayzlett ★ Heloise ★ Ken Jones ★ Shirley Jones ★  Sonny Jurgensen ★ Sue Monk Kidd ★ Hoda Kotb ★ Rob Marciano ★ Mary Matalin ★ Tyler Mathisen ★ General Barry McCaffrey ★ Colin Mochrie ★ Candice Olson  ★  Suze Orman ★ Bob Orr ★ Cynthia Rhodes ★ Willard Scott ★  Tommy Tune ★ Vanessa Williams ★ Randy Wayne White ★ and many more

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“SHOW ME is a fascinating read! The book is chock full of life lessons, presented in beautifully-written true stories amassed by Randy Jones throughout ten years of journaling and four years of interviewing many fascinating, accomplished people. The lives of these people have inspired Randy, and I’m confident they will inspire you, too.”
Peggy Post, Director Emeritus, The Emily Post Institute
“Randy takes ‘our’ Midwest upbringing and applies it to his writing. He sees the positive in people—he focuses intently on his interviewees and their stories. And here come his investigative skills: he tells it like it is, but does so with RESPECT and GRACE.”
Erin Brockovich, Consumer Advocate
“Randy has incredible insight into his interviewees, and he really cares about each of his subjects. He’s funny and entertaining, but through his thoughtful and perspicacious interviews–and his own personal experiences–you’ll see that he has a lot to teach as well.”
Susan C. Bennett, Original Voice of Apple's Siri
“Randy Jones’s exceptional listening and writing skills allow SHOW ME readers to feel they are in the room as life-altering pearls of wisdom emerge during his interesting conversations with leaders across all walks of life.”
Richard Broome, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Caesars Entertainment Corporation
“SHOW ME will show you Jones’s thoughtful blend of personal and professional development—all wrapped up in a cover-to-cover read that is exceedingly entertaining. Randy’s well-written narrative is about interesting people—not just in the traditional meet-and-greet-and-quote style, but as found in the lessons worth learning about people worth knowing.”
Michael Feuer, entrepreneur, co-founder, and former CEO, OfficeMax
“Randy Jones explores and celebrates life in a way that makes Forrest Gump look like a recluse. In SHOW ME, this talented journalist shares his journey and quest for positive life lessons from a remarkable cast of fellow travelers.”
Bob Orr, Retired CBS News Correspondent
“SHOW ME should be retitled WHO’S WHO because Randall Kenneth Jones has everyone who’s anyone in this book.”
Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Chairman C-Suite Network
“Jones sneaks up on you. Though I couldn’t imagine why a business writer would want to interview me, SHOW ME says it all. No, he doesn’t know much about football, but he relates to my ‘business’—and so many others—by exploring basic moral, ethical and human values. He focuses on what we all have in common, and not on our differences. The best part? I think I taught him how to throw a spiral.”
Sonny Jurgensen, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Washington Redskins
“Having interviewed more than one hundred people – jacks of all trades – Randy has created a literary ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Wickedly funny, yet profoundly touching! SHOW ME is ‘Shark Tank’ meets NASCAR meets Broadway meets ‘The Partridge Family.’”
Barbara Corcoran, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank
“In the personal/professional development book world, it sometimes seems like White Collar America gets most of the attention. If you have a pulse and a desire to succeed, SHOW ME shows you the way, regardless of the color of your collar. It’s a bit David Sedaris, a touch Dale Carnegie, a dash of Janet Evanovich and a whole lot of Randall Kenneth Jones.”
Janet Evanovich, New York Times Bestselling Author
“Randy looked at his middle-aged ‘reality’ and boldly chose to change it. In his search for his authentic self, he found a beloved sitcom mom, a NASCAR driver, a shark, a rock legend, a decorated U.S. Army General, an Olympic gold medalist, and Erin Brockovich. SHOW ME is all about having the courage to face your own reality and win—no matter what.”

Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County
“As I absorbed each word, I was compelled to continue reading on. Randy ‘show(ed) me’ clarity on many levels as I traveled along with him on his journey through the life experiences of so many amazing individuals. His thoughtful and insightful examination of the heartbreak, accomplishments and day-to-day lives of these extraordinary men and women have caused me to reexamine what I have I learned in the course of my own life.”
Judge Patricia DiMango, Judge, nationally syndicated court program, HOT BENCH
“I have enjoyed Randy’s interviews, not for the insight into the personalities, but for the messages within the interviews. Each interview showcases lessons of life—and no one does it better than Randall Kenneth Jones. After reading his many features, I sit back and get the real messages that go past the words: inspiring… informative… balanced… meaningful… life changing….”
Joe Abruzzese, President of Advertising Sales, Discovery Communications
“SHOW ME is more than a book, it’s a SHOW—a literary production featuring an enormous, talented cast who appreciate and embody the joy associated with strong ‘performance.’”
Chita Rivera, Broadway Legend
“In SHOW ME, Randall Kenneth Jones explores the intersection of personal and professional development through the eyes of a highly diverse group of role models. Though he understands his personal areas of expertise, he wisely focuses equal time on discovering the whys and wherefores of those whose everyday lives are less familiar to him. The best part: he shows us why and how he did it. And we the readers are the benefactors.”
General Barry McCaffrey, U.S. Army, retired
“Randy Jones is a funny breath of fresh air in a world where positive and useful information can too often be drowned out. Whether imparting life lessons from successful people who actually do things or discussing his special relationship with bunnies, he has a lot to say about the business of living and learning life.”
Tanya Acker, nationally syndicated court program, HOT BENCH
“Randy Jones is a superb interviewer/writer and much more. He weaves in personal and funny anecdotes…that have a meaning. Reading through this book, you will laugh, cry, and take away a hint or two that will help you through life.”
Heloise, Internationally syndicated columnist, author and broadcaster
“We have known Randy for over three decades. As a young man, he introduced himself to us as ‘Prince Charming.’ As an adult man, he has proven himself to be a ‘Prince’ among humans and an incredibly ‘charming’ one at that! He has written a joyous romp, a peek behind the curtain…. Bravo, dear friend!”
Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo, Rock Music Power Couple
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