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January 2017: Florida Weekly
SHOW ME Book Excerpt: “When life lands you on your butt, on live TV…”

January 2017: Coastal Breeze News
“Randall Kenneth Jones Empowers Newcomers”

December 2016: Randall Kenneth Jones on Sunny 106.3
“Randall Kenneth Jones & Sheila Book discuss SHOW ME”

November 2016: Randall Kenneth Jones on the Dave Elliott Show on 98.9 WGUF
“Randall Kenneth Jones & Dave Elliott discuss SHOW ME”

November 2016: Best Seller TV / C-Suite Network
“Randall Kenneth Jones on SHOW ME”

November 2016: Everyday MBA with Kevin Craine
“SHOW ME with Randall Kenneth Jones”

November 2016: WINK News
“An Inside Look at SHOW ME.”

November 2016: WABC Radio New York
“Look Ahead! Lessons from a NASCAR Driver and More…”

November 2016: Coastal Breeze News
Expect Humor and Wisdom at Show Me Book Launch

October 2016: Coastal Breeze News
Show Me shows readers a positive view


June 2014: eBella Magazine
“1984 Revisited”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

May 2014: eBella Magazine
“Taking the Gloves Off” 
By Randall Kenneth Jones

May 2013: Orlando Sentinel
“The challenges of practicing professional courtesy in a wireless world.”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

December 2012: Business Currents
“Note to Self: have business class”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

July 2012: Coastal Breeze News
“Thinking about creative thinking”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

June 2012: Gulf Coast Business Review
“Please, say thank you”
By Jean Gruss

May 2012: Business Currents
“All in a Day’s Work”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

April 2012: American Public Media – Marketplace
“It’s time to bring back professional courtesy”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

April 2012:
“Office Etiquette: Mind Your Manners”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

April 2012: Marco Island Sun Times
“Marco businessman advocates workplace civility”
By Don Manley

March 2012:
“Breaking Guitars & Starting a Business from a Viral Video”
By Cindy Perman

March 2012: Business Currents
“Gone With The Wind”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

December 2011: Fort Myers News-Press
“Good workplace manners aren’t a lost cause”
By Amy Sowder

November 2011: Business Currents
“One Big Can of Awesome Sauce”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

July 2011: Business Currents
“A Stupid Article”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

May 2011: The Marco Island Sun Times
“Innovative marketer starts exercise in Confessional Development”
By Don Manley

April 2011: Business Currents
“Diagnosis: Confusion”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

February 2011: Business Currents
“Jackie & Myra”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

December 2010: Business Currents
“Ninjas Vs Zombies”
By Randall Kenneth Jones

March 2010: The Marco Island Sun Times
“Virginia Marketing Firm Finds New Home in Marco”
By Don Manley

Marketing guru, business humoristprofessional-courtesy advocate, branded-content writer, creative-development consultant, and entertaining motivational speaker Randall Kenneth Jones is the creator of and the president of MindZoo, a marketing communications firm in Naples, Florida.