Randall Kenneth Jones’s upbeat spin on personal and professional development all fall under the umbrella of “The Importance of Importance.” Jones helps his audience explore the inherent benefits to idea generation, productivity and compatibility when individuals are empowered with a feeling of “importance.”

A uniquely entertaining motivational speaker, Jones has an appealing presence that crosses a broad range of business, civic and educational platforms.

His primary presentation and lecture topics include:

  • Benefits of Positive Communication 
  • Creative Thinking & Innovation
  • Personal & Professional Branding
  • Public Speaking & Self Expression
  • Team Building

His quest for professional civility has landed him on MARKETPLACE on Public Radio and CNBC.com.

Jones is also a regular contributor to Smart Business magazine and the Naples Daily News.

As a presenter, he passionately taps into his prolific, best-practices interview series,Business Class,” enabling him to showcase lessons learned from Pat Benatar (Rock Legend), Erin Brockovich (Consumer Advocate), Kassie DePaiva (Soap Opera star), Janet Evanovich (New York Times Bestselling Author), Michael Feuer (co-founder, OfficeMax & celebrated business writer), Jack Hanna (iconic wildlife expert) and Darrell Hammond (Saturday Night Live).

Jones has also profiled Shirley Jones (Oscar-winning actress and author), Sonny Jurgensen (NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback), Tyler Mathisen (CNBC’s Power Lunch), Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Candice Olson (HGTV), Bob Orr (CBS News), Peggy Post (Co-Director, The Emily Post Institute), Suze Orman (financial wizard), Willard Scott (celebrated broadcaster), Vanessa Williams (actress/singer) and more.

SHOW ME by Randall Kenneth JonesHis new book, SHOW ME, is a “Best of Business Class” and includes additional anecdotal stories of Jones’s life in various trenches.

“Having interviewed more than one hundred people – jacks of all trades – Randy has created a literary Dancing with the Stars. Wickedly Funny, yet profoundly touching! SHOW ME is Shark Tank meets NASCAR meets Broadway meets The Partridge Family.

Barbara Corcoran, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank

Jones’s fearless presentations and classes are customized to his audience (Corporate America, small business, education, nonprofit, government) and/or job focus (management, sales & marketing, customer service, etc.) and are based on desired length–from a 20-minute inspirational “Wake Up” to 3-hour interactive classes.

Watch RKJ in action:

 RKJ on his Dad, “The Producers,” Janet Evanovich and Sonny Jurgensen

RKJ on Phil Beuth and Regis Philbin

RKJ on Creative Thinking & Positive Communication


So, if you’re asking yourself: how do I teach my staff about courtesy? Or, how do I teach my staff about positive communication? Or even, how do I find a great motivational speaker in Florida? … look no further!

Very kind words:

Randall Kenneth Jones, Naples Press Club“Jones grasps his audience, tickles senses, loosens up tear ducts and lightens life’s load. He practices the art of public speaking in a masterful fashion. I watched an audience completely involved; all feeling as good as I was; all happy to be present.” 

Phil Beuth, Former President, Good Morning America,
New York, NY


Randall Kenneth Jones and Peggy PostJones is a true professional who goes the extra mile to ensure a quality product. Of course, I am delighted that he cares so much about the true meaning of courtesy: Respect and consideration for others are paramount.”

Peggy Post, Author & Spokesperson, The Emily Post Institute, Burlington, VT

Emily Post Logo


Randall Kenneth Jones at Florida Gulf Coast University“Melds education and entertainment in ways that make information memorable.” 

Ludmilla G. Wells, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL

FGCU logo (bl)

Orlando Business Class“Funny, engaging, thought-provoking and relevant. His class enthusiastically jumped head first into the improvisation exercises and enjoyed their collective exploration of left brain versus right brain thinking.”

Judy Berman, Executive Coach, Berman & Associates, Baltimore, MD


The Importance of Importance by Randall Kenneth Jones“Inspired us to become innovative thinkers. He was fantastic.” 

Edward Shulkin, President, Gift Card Partners, Inc., Wellesley, MA