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The Importance of Importance

Author, speaker, podcaster and creative thinker Randall Kenneth Jones finds that his most favorited quote speaks to so many: “I used to think I wanted to be famous, but now I know I just want to matter.” Forty-six percent of Americans report feeling left out—sometimes or always. And the root of the problem? They don’t feel “important.”

“Ask people to describe the world’s most charming individuals and what you’ll often hear isn’t details of how those people behave,” says INC magazine’s Jessica Stillman, “but instead, stories of how they make other people feel.” Psychology Today suggests that our need to be cared about is completely normal and deeply rooted in evolution. “Love, broadly defined, has been the primary driver of the development of the brain over the last 80 million years.”

Jones guides his audiences through a spirited, interactive exploration of human nature—with specific attention paid to humans empowered with a sense of importance. And every organization can benefit from understanding the impact of importance on communication, productivity and creativity.

Using “The Importance of Importance” as his foundation, Jones explodes from the stage with his unique brand of infotainment and four time-tested pillars for success:

  • HAPPY DAYS: Live with Positive Communication 
  • BEWITCHED: Think on Your Feet
  • THIS IS YOUR LIFE: Maximize the Authentic YOU
  • STAR SEARCH: Look for the BEST in People

The perfect speaker to ignite the morning, energize the early afternoon or entertain after dinner, Jones pulls his often hysterical, yet always timely and thought-provoking material from conversations with his personal brain trust of 150+ celebrities, newsmakers and thought leaders.

Many of these discussions are chronicled in his book, Show Me: Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Rock Stars, Journalists, Humanitarians, Attack Bunnies & More! Even more tidbits spring from Jones.Show, his feel-good podcast that expands his deep dive into—not just what people do—but WHY they do it.

Whether he is extolling the importance of “gratitude” and rocker Pat Benatar, waxing poetic about “respect” and The Emily Post Institute’s Peggy Post, or recounting a career-defining-live-television disaster on The Today Show, Jones is always on. His whimsical soundbites, insightful anecdotes and winning audience participation exercises enable attendees to become more innovative and “thought-full” by looking for the best in others.

To Jones, a sense of importance is earned by elevating those around us. In his journalistic quest for good, Jones has been lifted by some of the most celebrated minds around and his audiences become the recipients of their wisdom:

  • Sticktoitiveness/Erin Brockovich
  • Artistry/Val Chmerkovskiy
  • Spontaneity/Barbara Corcoran
  • Imagination/Janet Evanovich
  • Values/Sara Evans
  • Reflection/Dr. Judy Ho
  • Authenticity/Hoda Kotb
  • Teamwork/Sonny Jurgensen
  • Mindfulness/Suze Orman
  • Laughter/Colin Mochrie
  • Resilience/Vanessa Williams
  • Compassion/Ginger Zee

Equal parts oration, tutorial and stand-up routine, Jones intellectually and emotionally challenges his audiences to be more conscientious students of—and teachers to—the world around them.

Look for the good, laugh hard & live importantly.

 People are Talking:

“A speaker with much charisma and big ideas, Randall Kenneth Jones has much to say—in an engaging way. His audiences love him!”

Peggy Post
Director Emeritus, The Emily Post Institute

Related image“Jones grasps his audience, tickles senses, loosens up tear ducts and lightens life’s load. He practices the art of public speaking in a masterful fashion.”

Phil Beuth
Former President, Good Morning America

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“Randy tells it like it is, but does so with RESPECT and GRACE.”

Erin Brockovich
Consumer Advocate

Image result for cbs news logo“Randall Kenneth Jones lives life in a way that makes Forrest Gump look like a recluse.”

Bob Orr
Retired CBS News Correspondent

Pat Benetar & Neil Giraldo“He has proven himself to be a ‘Prince’ among humans and an incredibly ‘charming’ one at that!”

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo
Rock Music Power Couple