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 “I used to think I wanted to be famous, but now I know I just want to matter.”

Randall Kenneth Jones lives by this mantra—one that speaks to the millions who also ache to ‘matter.’” In fact, forty-six percent of Americans report feeling left out—sometimes or always. Why?

Everyone Needs to Feel Important.

The entire social media world capitalizes on our need for relevance. Look at our national obsession with our number of friends or followers? When someone “likes” us, we get an oxytocin hit—a physical high. When someone acknowledges us—on social media or otherwise—we feel important. These positive actions momentarily save us from our fear of isolation and reaffirm our survival within the social pack.

Importance fosters trust, builds morale, creates healthy, long-lasting relationships, and inspires people to think creatively and advance new ideas.

 “Randy can fire up a room in a way that makes everyone feel important.”

Phil Beuth, Former President, GOOD MORNING AMERICA

 “Every human being of every age can benefit from Randy’s spirited tutorial on ‘the importance of importance’
—along with the importance of kindness.”

Peggy Post, Director Emeritus, The Emily Post Institute

“Randy cleverly guides his audiences through an energetic, interactive exploration of human nature
—with specific attention paid to those empowered with a sense of importance.”

—Lisa Guerrero, Chief Investigative Correspondent, INSIDE EDITION

“Randy is a true inspiration. Utilizing whimsical sound bites, entertaining anecdotes and audience participation exercises,
he shows his attendees how important and fulfilling it is to celebrate the best in others.”

Susan C. Bennett, Original Voice of Siri

“Randy is so happy, fearless and open. He is quick-witted and downright funny.
Time spent with him is guaranteed to make you laugh.”

Erin Brockovich, Consumer Advocate

 The Importance of Importance provides significant insights and practical applications to transform our relationships, personally and professionally:

  • Live with positive communication 
  • Look for the best in people
  • Think on your feet
  • Maximize the authentic you

Equal parts oration, tutorial and stand-up routine, Jones intellectually and emotionally challenges his audiences to be more conscientious students of—and teachers to—the world around them.

 “Look for the good, laugh hard & live importantly.”

—Randall Kenneth Jones


Randall Kenneth Jones
Author. Speaker. Podcaster. Comic Actor. Creative.

Exploding from the stage, Jones brings his unique brand of infotainment to a broad range of business, civic, and educational platforms. His material comes from his personal brain trust of 150+ celebrities, newsmakers and thought leaders who have taken a seat opposite him over the past eight years. These sometimes hysterical, always life-altering conversations are chronicled his book, Show Me: Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Rock Stars, Journalists, Humanitarians, Attack Bunnies & More! and featured on his popular podcast, Jones.Show.

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