Jeff Fager & Randall Kennet Jones

Fager & Jones

Since so many have decided their job is to criticize, I chose to go in the opposite direction and look for the BEST in others. I also found a kindred spirit in 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager, who told me: “We are all made up of positive and negative. We all do some things well and some things badly. You can focus on the bad, or you can concentrate on making the good better.” Making the good better is a much easier way to live!

These extraordinary men and women consistently force me to reassess and reinvent myself — and my thought process. Not only do they feed my imagination, but they lead me to new ideas and best practices. And guess what? That’s why I share it. IF you are willing to read or listen with a truly open mind, they can do the same thing for you. There’s nothing more satisfying than being a student of YOU.