Randall Kenneth Jones Photo by Charlie McDonaldTo begin, I have been on stage most of my life — primarily in comedic roles. Being in front of an audience is “home” for me. And I have been in countless conference and seminar audiences — bored out of my mind — because the speaker did not customize the presentation to the audience. With so many diverse thought-leaders in my inner circle, my source material is continually being rebooted and refreshed. I treat every stage appearance as a performance and I painstakingly plan each presentation based on the specific goals of the sponsor organization. I also tend to focus on innovation, leadership, authenticity, creativity, courtesy, respect and the benefits of positive communication. Everyone can benefit from a renewed focus on these critical, human-nature imbued issues. And I have always believed we walk away better informed if we are entertained in the process. Again, we produced a video that shows me in action!