RKJ & Peggy Post

Jones & Post

Preparation. Creative thinking. Concise, thoughtful emails and voicemails. Employing an almost superhuman level of patience. And finally, authenticity juxtaposed against Erin Brockovich’s favorite word: stick-to-itiveness. And yes, name-dropping helped a lot, too! Though this was not part of an elaborate master plan, I came to realize how ironic it was that Peggy Post (The Emily Post Institute) and Erin Brockovich are so prominently featured in my book. I came to realize I’m one-part Peggy — an advocate for courtesy, civility and respect — and one-part Erin, a straight-talking Midwesterner with a strong moral compass who wants to love everyone but understands when someone has crossed the line. As Erin says, we both have an intrinsic need to “right wrong.”